AIA Cleveland is pleased to inaugurate a Mentorship Program. The program is an outgrowth of discussions that began in March of 2015 at a panel discussion for Women’s History month. A survey distributed at the program revealed a desire on the part of many to create a mentorship forum  outside of direct work channels. The response to follow up inquiry about willingness to participate either as a mentor and/or mentee was outstanding, and the desire expressed was to provide a forum for advocacy for personal and professional development of an individual, without fear or favor or the constraints of a direct work supervisor.

If you are interested in establishing a relationship with a mentor, please follow the links below. In addition you will find the AIA Cleveland Mentorship guidelines and a downloadable PDF Mentor catalogue with biographic information on the mentors, as well as a confidential selection form. Please select, in order of priority, four choices for potential mentors.  AIA Cleveland will pair mentors with mentees based on preference and a first come, first served basis, and arrange introductions.

It is anticipated that mentors and mentees will have contact on at least a quarterly basis, although this will be up to the individuals and may be more frequently. Registration will be reconfirmed annually. At any time, mentees and mentors may opt out; either to try a different partner, or to terminate the arrangement. AIA Cleveland requests that you let us know if this is the case so that we may make appropriate new arrangements, either for a new mentor or a new mentee.

To see the list of  AIA Cleveland mentors, please select the link below:


To register for the AIA Cleveland Mentorship program, please select the link below:


AIA Cleveland Mentorship Schedule: 

June 1st, 2016:  Registration process began
Current:  Registration remains open
June 1st, 2017:  Annual Renew

To review the AIA Cleveland Mentorship Guidelines, please select the link below:


Mentor/Mentee Questions? Want to get involved?  Please Contact:
David Maniet, AIA
AIA Cleveland Director of Young Architects and Associate Members (YAAM)