Membership Benefits

Architect Member Benefits

Membership is an essential investment in your future at every stage of your career.

For a brief review of membership benefits, please read below.  For a more detailed look, please review the AIA Member Benefits Guide here:


Here are just some of the benefits you’ll have as a member:

More Support

  • Access a range of expertise through a peer network of nearly 88,000 colleagues.
  • Attend events, activities, and network through your state and local AIA components—demonstrate leadership skills and raise the visibility of the profession in your community.
  • Signify that as an AIA architect you adhere to a professional code of ethics and share a common goal to build better a better world for all people.
  • Public policies through a Government Advocacy legislative agenda that help create a more favorable environment in which to pursue your practice and career goals, such as starting a firm.
  • AIA Contract Documents™, the most widely accepted standard form documents in the industry, prepared by the AIA in collaboration with owners, contractors, attorneys, architects, and engineers, to help you conduct construction-based business efficiently and effectively; available to members at a discount.

More Knowledge

  • Continuing education through CES Discovery keeps you on track with thousands of education courses through hundreds of approved education providers. Plus, on-demand access to your transcript.
  • More than 20 Knowledge Communities, professional interest groups, that enable you to build a peer network of colleagues who share your interests and practice specializations.
  • AIA KnowledgeNet gives you access to collective knowledge of thousands of members; a space to conduct discussions, find best practices, and get to know other design professionals
  • Market Research and economic analysis and business insights through:
    • The Architecture Billings Index (ABI), a leading economic indicator of the health of the construction industry
    • The Home Designs Trend Survey, a quarterly analysis of trends
    • The Foresight Report, research on key current and emerging trends affecting the profession
    • An Architect’s Guide to the Energy Retrofit Market
    • The Compensation Report, a salary survey of 39 firm positions
  • Subscriptions to AIArchitect e-newsletter covering news, tips and trends; and ARCHITECT, the official magazine of the AIA; plus digital editions of residential architect, EcoHome, and EcoStructure .

More Resources

  • AIA Trust protection through professional liability, term life, and other insurance coverage.
  • AIA Career Center, the premier electronic recruitment resource where you can post opportunities at a discount or find opportunities for free.
  • Architect Finder, an online directory where you can create a detailed profile for your firm, and potential clients can connect with you directly.
  • AIA Advantage discounts on products and services such as shipping, credit cards, technology, and more.
  • Business Tools, such as best practices, to help you manage your business more effectively.

The sooner you become a member, the sooner you will be able to experience everything that your professional association has to offer.