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AIA Cleveland Members Attend AIA Grassroots 2015

Last week, AIA Cleveland representatives Aaron Hill, AIA (President), Jack Bialosky, Jr., AIA (President-Elect), Ted Ferringer, Assoc. AIA (Ohio Valley Regional Associate Director) and Mary Helen Hammer (Executive Director), traveled to Washington, D.C. for the annual 2015 AIA Grassroots Leadership & Legislative Conference. This three-day conference emphasized component leadership and included dynamic workshops designed to help component officers become effective chapter and civic leaders. The agenda allowed us to exchange information and ideas with other AIA leaders from around the country, provide input on AIA initiatives and advocate the AIA’s federal agenda to members of Congress and the Senate.
This year, the AIA is asking the following of legislators:

1. Protect and enhance the historic preservation tax credit. Historic preservation incentives help communities expand and prosper, while preserving their heritage and creating jobs. The AIA and its allies will work to ensure that these incentives are not lost in tax reform.
2. Cosponsor the Safe Building Code Incentive Act, which encourages states to voluntarily adopt and enforce nationally recognized model building codes for residential and commercial structures in order to qualify for additional post-disaster FEMA grants.
3. Cosponsor the National Design Services Act, which extends to architecture graduates student debt relief in exchange for work in underserved communities.

An unfortunately timed snowstorm cancelled the meetings on Capitol Hill during the conference. Therefore, we will be scheduling meetings back home in Ohio with our legislators.

AIA 2015
The AIA has declared 2015 as the Year of the Advocate. Every day, policymakers make decisions that affect the practice of architecture and the built environment. Advocacy must go far beyond our AIA leadership ascending on Capitol Hill on a single day in March. We must all be advocates, as decisions made from Washington to Columbus to your city hall affect you and the future of our profession. It’s up to all AIA members to make sure their voice is heard, which is what advocacy is all about.

Aaron Hill, AIA
AIA Cleveland President

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Welcome to the new AIA CLE Website!

-Dave Robar, 2014 AIA Cleveland President

WE are all AIA Cleveland. Founded in 1890, we showed up right alongside The Old Arcade. Due to the foresight and persistence of our predecessors, both institutions are still standing. We’ve seen tremendous change and have gone through amazing transitions over the years. Like the Old Arcade, AIA CLE is an important component of our City. Like the rejuvenation of Cleveland itself, AIA CLE is ready for the Big Time. This is the age of Repositioning within the American Institute of Architects. I know…sound familiar?

It is a tag line that’s been told many times in the past. Myriad previous initiatives, while well meaning, have failed to achieve the basics of re‐creating AIA for its members. Why is this time any different? Because, as local members and those practicing in the allied arts, WE are in control now. Our national leaders have confirmed, though extensive research, something that WE already knew…AIA CLE has the power to reposition everything that we know (or think we know) about our local mission within the built environment. WE are recognized as leaders in the local community, containing the unique expertise to keep an eye on the past while laser‐focusing on the future. WE create value for members. WE define our fate. Architecture itself is an act of sheer optimism. As architects, we all create tangible, sustainable environments out of the simple hopes and dreams of communities and clients alike. AIA CLE has taken on that challenge as well…and we need your help! WE are crafting a new future. With the support of a fully energized board and many new initiatives, we strive to bring everyone together and move Cleveland forward under a united effort of constructive engagement. Whether you’re a current, future or former AIA member or a partner in the allied arts of design, engineering, materials, building codes and furnishings, you participate in determining the quality of the Built Environment every day that you go to work or engage each other in conversation over a beer. You know that WE are ready for the big time.

We all have ideas (lots of ideas). We need to harness this energy in order to create our own future. For starters, please participate in our newest survey, which represents the beginning of an ongoing dialogue that will bring focus to the new, sustainable direction of AIA CLE. Results will be shared as part of our new communications strategy. The survey can be reached by CLICKING HERE!

As AIA CLE President and on behalf of the Board of Directors of AIA Cleveland, welcome to our new website. Keep an eye out here for exciting announcements, contribute to its content and help to keep AIA CLE moving forward. Please contact me directly at if you would like to voice your opinions or find out ways to get involved.

A special thank you to our Communications Committee – Ted Ferringer, Michael Christoff and John Workley – for spearheading the development of our new site and continuing to AIA’s communication strategy through email and social media. See you back here soon!

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