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Below are a few links to help you get starting studying for the ARE’s.

ARE Study Materials

AIA Cleveland is pleased to offer ARE Study Guides to our members at no cost.  AIA Cleveland currently has ARE 4.0 and ARE 5.0 Study Guides available.  If you are an AIA Cleveland member and would like to check out a study guide, please complete the Reservation Form below, print it out and bring it with you when picking up the study guides.  It is advised that you check with the office that the specific study guides you would like to check out are available prior to stopping by.


If materials are not returned by the agreed upon return date you will be charged for the cost to replace them. If materials are significantly damaged while in your possession you will be charged for the cost to replace them. This is approximately $100 per book.

We will contact you if materials have not been returned by the due date. If materials are not returned within two weeks of the date of contact your credit card will be charged.

ARE Study Buddies – Mentorship Program

Looking for some motivation or someone to study with? We can connect you with someone studying for the ARE’s. The AIA Cleveland Mentorship program is a great way to find someone that can help you plan your ARE testing track. There are many people in AIA Cleveland that have been down this pathway and are here to help you succeed in your path to becoming an Architect. If you are interested in an ARE Study Buddy or Mentor, please contact Young Architect and Associate Member Director, David Maniet who’s contact information is listed at the bottom of this page.

ARE Grant Opportunity

AIA Ohio has a program titled AIA Ohio Cares (Catalyst for Architectural Registration Exam Scholarship), that is geared toward helping ARE Candidates with grants to complete their ARE testing.  This program is open to all Ohio residents who are eligible to take the ARE and the funds may be used for either the cost of testing or for other associated costs, including study material.  The fund permits members and non-members alike to apply for funding. AIA Associate members may qualify for a grant of up to $200, while non-members are limited to $100 grants.  Grants are limited to one per year and funds available for this program are limited so awards will be made on a first come, first serve basis.

To apply for the grant CLICK HERE to complete an application form.

Important Dates:

ARE Study Sessions

Session 1 – February 18th – ARE 4.0 BS
Session 2 – April 29th – ARE 4.0 SS
Session 3 – June 3rd – ARE 4.0 PPP
Session 4 – August 26th – ARE 4.0 CDS
Session 5 – October (TBD) – Topic TBD
ARE Success Celebration – December (TBD)

Finish AXP? Get your license? Pass one ARE Test? All are a great achievements in your journey to becoming a registered Architect.  Come celebrate your success this year at our end of year Young Architects and Associate Member Happy Hour in December!

June 30, 2018 – Last day to test in ARE 4.0

Helpful Links:

NCARB – Sign up Here
ARendurance – Study Guides
Young Architects – Blog and Resources
Black Spectacles –
Black Spectacles (Youtube Channel) Sessions – ARE Live
David Thaddeus – ARE Structures Seminars
Preparing for your Architectural Registration Exams (ARE):

AIA Cleveland ARE Study Session Questions? Please contact:
David Maniet, AIA
AIA Cleveland Director of Young Architects and Associate Members